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Anja Matthes Featured on W Magazine
anja matthes
Jun 6, 2018
There are more straightforward documentation of the culture bubbling to the surface now, too: Viceland has its new docu-series My House, and, with the support of the IWMF (International Women in Media Fund), the photographer Anja Matthes has captured the contemporary ball scene in her forthcoming publication, The Kiki Yearbook, a "coming of age milestone" that celebrates the lives of queer and transgender people of color as they carve out their niche in the Kiki subset of ball culture. 

Pictures From Inside New York's Still Thriving Kiki Ballroom Scene
Ryan Murphy's *Pose* revives the ballroom scene of 1987, but Anja Matthes' photos show us how kiki ballroom culture lives now.

Anja Matthes

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